Rainbow city is HMDA approved layout with complete amenities of residential plots on 100ft state highway

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Villa Specifications
Villa Type

EARTH WORK EXCAVATION: Foundation Trenches, for all clauses of soil including cutting, Shoring, Strutting, Dewatering etc. For column Foundation : 120 x 120 x 120 Cm in Size Rubble Foundation : 60 x 60 x 60 Cm in Size

PCC BELOW COLUMN FOUNDATION:Plain Cement Concrete 1:4:8 using 20MM downgraded aggregates as per Standard Architectural
RCC COLUMN FOOTING:Reinforced Cement Concrete 1:2:4 using 20MM as per Standard Architectural Specification.

RR BASEMENT:45cm x 45cm fitting and packing of Rubble in cement mortar 1:6 as per Standard Architectural.

RCC BELT:Reinforced Cement Concrete in 1:2:4 as per Architectural Drawings, Size shall be 45 x 10 as per. Standard Architectural Specification

FILLING IN BASEMENT:Filling in basement shall be done with available Red Earth or Slurry Dust.

LATERATE (CHENKALLU) WORK:Good Quality Laterate Masonry in 20cm thick; Cement Mortar in 1:6 Client may opt for Good Quality Semi Wire-Cut Brick instead of Laterate;Rs.75/- Extra per Sq.Ft

PARAPET WORK:Single Brick Work shall be used for the Parapet Work.

PCC BELOW FLOORING :Plain Cement Concrete 1:4:8 as per Standard Architectural Specification.

RCC WORKS: RCC Columns, Beams, Slabs, Sun Shades and Lintel; shall be Build using 20mm Downgraded aggregates in M20 Mix as per Standard Architectural Specification.

REINFORCED STEEL:Fixing Steel Reinforcement (High Yield Strength Deformed Bars Conforming to Fe 500) for R.C.C in all items, Work including transporting, recoiling, cutting, straightening, bending and placing in position at all levels & binding with approved gauge binding wire.

CEMENT: 43 Graded Ordinary Portland cement or Portland Pozzolana Cement of Dalmia, Chettinadu, Ramco, Malabar or Equivalent shall be used for all the works.

SAND/ HIGH GRADE ROCK SAND: Good Quality Crushed M-Sand (POABS) shall be used for all RCC and Super Structural Works, Good Quality River Sand or Crushed M-Sand which is specially graded for the plastering purpose shall be used for all plastering works as per the availability in the open Market.

JOINERY WORK : Good Quality Imported Pincoda (Cheru Theaku) shall be used for all the windows and Door Frames in size of 10cm X 6.5 cm. For All Paneled and Glazed Shutters Pincoda (Cheru Theaku) shall be used.

PLASTERING WORK : Outside Plastering Work shall be in Cement Mortar 1:5, 12 to 15 MM Thick. Inside Plastering Work shall be in Cement Mortar 1:6, 9 to 12 MM Thick and Ceiling shall be in 1:3 Cement Mortar, below 10MM Thick.

HANDRAILS: Stainless Steel Handrails shall be used in Staircase Areas and upper living Cut-Off Areas.

ELECTRICAL WORKS :Cables : Finolex, V.Guard or Equivalent Switches & Sockets : Modular Switches & Sockets from Hawells or Equivalent Final Fittings such as Fancy Lightings & Ceiling Fans should be provided by the Client at Site. Modular Switches & Sockets shall be provided in all applicable areas as per standard requirements and any surplus requirements of Switches & Sockets shall be charged additional. Any Extra A/c Points or Extra Geyser Points shall be charged additional, Electrical Provisioning and Cabling for Closed Circuit Cameras (CC CAMS) & Sensors shall also be charged additional.

PLUMBING AND SANITARY WORK : Complete Plumbing and Sanitary Works shall be executed by the Contractor; Using the below mentioned Brands

  • PVC Pipes : Thomson or Equivalent
  • CP Fittings : Zoloto Zew or Equivalent
  • Sanitary : Single Unit Imported Closet (Priced at Maximum Rate of Rs.7500/- per Piece) and Half Pedestal Wash Basin from Cera or Equivalent. Water Tank : Aqua-Tech, Sintex or Equivalent Quality of 1000 Liter Capacity Kitchen Sink : 24 x 18 Sink for Kitchen and 18 x 16 Sink for Work Area (Brand: Diamond)
ROOFING TILES:Good Quality Terra Cotta Roofing tiles shall be used. (Priced at Maximum Rate of Rs.25/- per Sq.Ft)

CEMENT ORNAMENTAL DESIGN WORKS ON ELEVATION: As per Elevation; all the cement ornamental works shall be accomplished.

VITRIFIED TILES FLOORING:Hi Gloss Nano Technology 60cm x 60cm Vitrified Tiles shall be used for all Flooring Areas; Except Bathrooms. (Priced at Maximum Rate of Rs.50/- per Sq.Ft)


KITCHEN TOP: Good Quality Glazed Tiles Shall be used for all Da Doing Works in the Kitchen Area (Size: 45 x 30 Cms) (Choice of Color & Pattern as per the Client Choice). (Priced at Maximum Rate of Rs.45/- per Sq.Ft)

BATHROOM FLOORING TILES: Good Quality Granite Slabs Shall be used for the Kitchen Top. (Priced at Max.Rate of Rs.180/- per Sq.Ft)

BATHROOM WALL TILES:Good Quality Anti-Skid Tiles shall be used for all Bathrooms (Choice of Colour &Pattern as per the Client) Size: 30 x 30 Cms. (Priced at Maximum Rate of Rs.45/- per Sq.Ft)

BATHROOM DOORS:Good Quality Bathroom Wall Tiles (Size: 45 x 30 Cms) of High lighter Model shall be Used (Choice of Color &Pattern as per the Client) (Priced at Maximum Rate of Rs.50/- per Sq.Ft) All Bathroom Doors Shall be Made with Good Quality PVC Doors from Sintex or Equivalent.

PUTTY WORKS: Putty works shall be done in all the interiors area except in Kitchen & Work Areas. If required by the Client; we will also provide the Putty works in the Kitchen Area at no Extra Cost. Putty works shall also be done on the Exterior Elevation Areas. (Brand: Asian, Birla or JK Wall Putty)

PAINTING WORK:Single Coat White Cement Washing shall be used all over the Plastered Area, Two Coats of Acrylic Emulsion shall be used all over the white washing Area including one coat of Cement Primer. Asian’s Apex Brand shall be used for all external Walls and Asian’s Regular emulsion shall be used for all internal Walls.

FRONT DOOR – BED ROOM DOORS – KITCHEN DOORS: Front Door, Bed Room Doors and Kitchen doors shall be made with Standard Size of Pincoda (Cheru Theaku). For Kitchen Door we provide Decorative Glass Doors (Half Wood with Half Hitched Decorative Glass)

WOODEN POLISH: All Wooden Surfaces shall be polished with Good Quality sealer, Wood Stainer and over coat shall be cleared with Melamine.

WOODEN FITIINGS:All Wooden Fittings like Hinges, Tower Bolts and Mortise Lock shall be provided from Branded Companies having Stainless Matt Finish. Whereas the Front Door Fittings shall be of Brass.

GRILL WORK: In Work Areas Safety Grills shall be provided using MS-Rods.

ANTI-TERMITE TREATMENT :Against attack by subterranean termites; Chemical Treatment shall be implemented by experts having special know-how to ensure uniform distribution and proper penetration.

SEPTIC TANK & WATER DRAINAGE SOCK PITS :Septic Tank & Water Drainage Sock Pits shall be provided as per the standard Size & Capacity.

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